• Fully Premixed and High-Power Boilers

    It can meet the heating needs of different users. Modular combination could provide a large heating area, which can meet the needs of users for large-flow domestic hot water.Plate type heat exchanger and volume-type water tankThe major components are imported from Italy, which ensure the safety, stability and energy conservation of the products. It meets the national first-class energy efficiency standard, with high thermal efficiency. This product has obtained a national patent, with the patent certificate number of ZL201920585947.1.

    Product Details

     The boilers adopt Italian original imported SIT DC inverter fan, gas valve, heat exchanger, overall coil type condenser.

     The main components are imported from Italy, which making the boilers stable, safe, reliable and energy-saving,and have long service life.

     This model could meet the needs of different users for heating, with modular combined super-large area heating capability, and large-capacity domestic hot water(The system is equipped with plate type heat exchanger and volumetric water tank to meet the needs)

    Technical Parameter
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