• Corporate Culture

    Corporate Vision——Try to be a leader and a brand model in the heating industry.

    Corporate Purpose——Service customers and make contribution to the society.

    Core Values——Adhere to Integrity, innovation, dedication and win-win.

    Enterprise Management Policy——Be dedicated to heating industry, basing on international and domestic heating market.

    Enterprise Spirit——Dedication, professionalism, concentration, pursuit of excellence.

    Enterprise Style——Communicate and act immediately, and the execution rate should be approaching 100%.

    Coroporate Philosophy

    The Idea of Hiring Employees——We employ those who try to do the best and try to be the best.

    The Idea of Competition——Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

    Marketing Concept——Win the market with quality and reputation. Put the interests of consumers and partners in the first consideration.

    Market Concept——There is only off-season thought, no off-season market. Diligence and wisdom are the golden key to exploit the market.

    Quality Concept——Quality concept—Quality is the foundation of a company's survival and long-term foothold, and the cornerstone of corporate brand competition.

    Innovative Idea——Learn widely from others, and try to innovate and to be the direction of the industry

    Service Philosophy——We will do better than we promised and serve our users with professionalism and gratitude.

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